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Gideon's Army 300 is the covenant partnership between Dr. Gene A. Moore Sr. and other committed men and women across the globe who share the call to evangelize the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Through media outreach, strategic prayers and generous financial gifts, Gideon's Army 300 will mobilize preaching and teaching messages into millions of homes and communities.

Your monthly gift of $30 will help produce television broadcasts, stream live worship services, distribute CDs, DVDs, books and literature all over the world!  The Gospel of Christ can be accessible to computers, smartphones, iPods, iPads, laptops and more!  Somewhere, behind a cellphone is a broken heart ready to be mended . . . a fearful soul ready to be strengthened . . . and all it takes is your decision to unite your compassion with Dr. Moore to offer hope and possibility.

God hand-picked Gideon's army: 300 men whose most distinguishing characteristic was not in proving themselves as mighty men of valor, but that they drank water from a position different than the others (Judges 7:4-8).  Our position today, is that we know that without God we can do nothing!  Therefore, we always remain strategic in our evangelistic goals in winning souls for Christ.  As we utilize the powerful tools of technology, we must never forget that it is God who makes all things possible.  Gideon's Army 300 understands - it is not by numbers, nor by might - it is by the Spirit of the Lord that we will do great exploits for God!

Make your connection today and commit to giving $30 each month to Gideon's Army 300.  Your gift makes a big difference for the work of the ministry, and it will surely make a big difference to someone who needs to hear that Jesus Christ still cares!

    Church Services:
    Sunday Worship @ 8:00 am | 9:45 am
    Bible Study  Tues. & Wed. @ 7:00 pm 
    Children's Ministry  1st - 2nd Sundays @ 9:45 am
    Youth Classes  3rd - 4th Sundays @ 8:00 am & 9:45 am

    Pearland Christian Community Church
    8201 W. Broadway Street, Pearland
    TX 77581

    Dr. Gene A. Moore Sr. | Pastor

    Office Hours
    Mon - Thu   10 am - 5 pm
    Call (281) 997-6700


    Local Television Schedule:
    Trinity Broadcasting Network
    HOUSTON KETH Channel 14
    TU 2:30 am | THU 10:30 am

    Write Us At:

    P.O. Box 841915, Pearland
    TX 77584
    (281) 979-3491

    Partnership with Gideon's Army 300