The March of Faith Ministries


Faith is the powerful tool to hep you triumph in life.
God has put you on this earth to fulfill a unique purpose and
there's a definite path for you to follow.

No matter where you are standing at this moment,
you can gain wisdom from the life of Jesus Christ
to help you in your turning points.
If you trust God and make the right choices,
you will accomplish everything God has set before you!

The March of Faith Ministries . . .
is a community of baptized believers 
who share the saving grace of
Jesus Christ through life-changing experiences
in the Word of God and through worship.

We have discipleship connections
for every family member!

    Everyone deserves to know their purpose and destiny.  In this book, you will discover how the life of Jesus Christ can unlock secrets to your personal success.
    Taking Control of Your Life is wriiten to help each of us maintain positive experiences with the people we love.  Fullfill your joy in life by keeping relationships in perspective and knowing how to remain in control of  your destiny.
    The Power of the Blessing offers insight into the transference of kingdom authority in families from one generation to another.  God has imparted to every believer the power to declare abundance and incease upon their children and household.

    Pearland Christian Community Church
    8201 W. Broadway Street, Pearland
    TX 77581
    (281) 997.6700

    Office Hours
    Mon - Fr  9a - 5p


    Television Schedule:
    TBN HOUSTON Channel 14
    TU 2:30 am / THU 10:30 am

    Write Us At:

    P.O. Box 841915, Pearland
    TX 77584
    (281) 979.3491

    Partnership with Gideon's Army 300